Beat Depression Naturally

The Vitamin B Trilogy Continues

Wow, this whole Vitamin B thing really caught me by surprise. I knew that it was important to depression sufferers and
I wanted to make it my business to get all that information to my loyal readers so they would also know how important
Vitamin B can be for the treatment of Depression.

I always thought there were 6 in the B family and I brought those 6 to you. In my research, I found out that there were
really 8 B’s in this family, but the last 2 were never mentioned. OK, I figured that I will just have to dig a little
deeper, actually I think I went too deep, I found those 2 that were puzzling me and I also found a much bigger puzzle,
after I spotted those 2, I found 20 more.

I’m not exactly sure, but in total, I think I found about 30 of them. I also found that the reason nobody really knows
this is because most of them have nothing to do with human consumption and are essential in the diets of other
organisms, some others have no nutritional value and several others go under other names you might be familiar with, but
not necessarily recognized because there’s no “B” next to it.

Like for example carnitine used to be known as B-20 and L-carnitine was known as B-t. There are many, but the 2 that I
found in particular were B-7 (Biotin) and B-9 (Folic Acid). Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is necessary for cell
growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids and is also helpful in maintaining a
steady blood sugar level. Biotin deficiency is rare, as intestinal bacteria generally produce an excess of that required
by the body.

Folic Acid is needed to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA. It is especially important during periods of rapid
cell division and growth. Children and adults require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.
Some evidence links a shortage of folate with depression. Folic acid supplements have an effect on noradrenaline and
serotonin receptors in the brain and this relationship may be the reason why folic acid is an antidepressant.

I am very sure that we have covered everything you ever wanted to know about Vitamin B and then some. You now know that
there are many vitamins in the “B” family and most of them don’t matter to us very much. Although, the ones that do, play
a very important role in the prevention and detection of your depression and it’s symptoms.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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