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Passion Flower Against Depression

Can passion flower be used as an alternative to antidepressants for
treating depression? Yes, the passion flower has been used for thousands
of years because of its effectiveness in a number of categories.
While it doesn’t actually treat depression itself, it does treat
many of the symptoms associated with this disease, and has been
used for treating other illnesses as well. First we will discuss a
little about what it is, and what it does, and then later we will
talk about what precautions you should use when taking this as an
herbal supplement for helping you with your depression.

Depression is a debilitating disease that affects many aspects of
your life, and many people turn to antidepressants as a way to treat
it. The problems with taking drugs is that they have many side
effects and can cause problems later on in life like liver disease,
plus many of them are highly addictive. Passion flower, like many
other herbal remedies, is all natural, and not addictive if taken in
the right dosages. Passion flower is a plant that grows naturally
along fences and in the woods of dry areas of the U.S. It likes to
grow in partial shade. It has a vine that can grow 30 feet, produces
serrated leaves, and finely toothed lobes. Its flowers are white in
color with purple centers, and blooms from May through July. Its
smooth yellow fruit contains many seeds.

Using passion flower to treat some of the symptoms of depression has
been done for many years. It contains compounds that produce
sleepiness, and can be used effectively against insomnia. It has
anxiety suppressors, and can give you a calmness that many
antidepressants can’t provide. It also can relieve a number of
stomach problems that can be associated with depression. It is the
main ingredient in many homeopathic remedies, and counteracts the
effects of herbal supplements that may get people worked up.

That isn’t to say that passion flower isn’t without it’s draw backs
when it comes to an alternative to antidepressants in treating
depression. Unlike most herbal supplements, passion flower does have
some side effects, especially in higher doses. It is a sedative, and
can cause drowsiness. It shouldn’t be taken in doses more that 200-300
milligrams, and just twice a day. Because of its own properties which
affect anxiety, insomnia, and depression, it should not be taken with
other medications. These can include sleep aids, anti-anxiety
medication, or any antidepressants. Although no tests show that they
interfere with these drugs, they still shouldn’t be used in conjunction
with them, but as an alternative.

Yes, you can use passion flower as an alternative to taking
antidepressant medication when it comes to treating depression, as long as
you stick to recommended dosages. It has been very effective, when used
correctly. You can find out more about this flower online, as well as many
other alternatives for treating this illness.

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