Beat Depression Naturally

The Mental Anguish Of Depression

There are certain things about different aspects of depression that must be understood by everyone before you go and put yourself in these categories of mental anguish.

Anxiety disorders is an umbrella category that covers a number of disorders, such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, all of these conditions can lead to even more health problems and emotional problems, so you may need treatment in a number of areas. While many people carelessly use the term depression to describe an intense sadness, depression is more than just a day of sadness or being upset about something. Depression can truly stop your from living your life. If you are worried that you may be developing depression in addition to other conditions surrounding anxiety disorders, see that you take action immediately.

There are a number of symptoms associated with depression that you may experience. Some clues to you that depression may be a problem include loss of appetite, increase in appetites, having no sexual energy, muscle aches and pains, inability to concentrate, feeling afraid or confused, being easily angered, not caring about things you used to love, not being about to pinpoint why you feel sad, hating yourself, and thinking about death often. If you are experiencing three or more of these symptoms on a daily basis, you should seek help and talk to someone you trust about depression right away.

Depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide in the worst-case scenario. If you have thought about killing yourself, you should get help right away. Tell someone you love or call a local hotline for support. If you cannot do these things, call your therapist, or, at the very least, go to a public place. Give yourself some time to think about things before making any decisions.

Remember, depression is a serious disease. Over 20 million Americas suffer from depression at some point or another, and it can affect any age, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. You can find many natural treatments to help you with your depression, from exercise and herbs that inhibits certain receptors in the brain to therapy to help you talk about the things that are making you depressed.

In the end, it is simply important to realize that you can feel better and there is help. Having depression is nothing to be ashamed about, and modern treatments make it possible for you to overcome your depression and your anxiety disorders in order to live a healthy life.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Natural Cures for Depression is Your Best Option

Over 40 million people suffer from some kind of depression in the
United States alone, so it’s no wonder why big drug companies spend
so much on advertising antidepressants each year. What does this boil
down to? It basically means that one out of four people suffer from
this illness. It is very likely that you or some one you know has
this condition. While many take prescription drugs in an attempt to
treat it, the truth is that not only do these medications fail to
work, but they have many side-effects that are detrimental to your
overall health. Here are just some of the things that big drug
companies don’t want you to know.

Even if antidepressants are found not to work, they are sometimes
recalled and marketed under a different name. Doctors do not have the
required knowledge to know if a medication for treating depression
works or what most side-effects of these will be. They mostly rely on
the drug representatives to tell them and make them aware. Even if a
drug is deemed safe, it can take up to fifteen years to learn of all
the side-effects. In the mean time, these drugs can be crippling one
or more of your vital organs and you would not even know it. The age
group where most cases of these crippling conditions start is with
adolescents, many under eighteen. These drugs are not even supposed to
be administered to this age group because of the heightened risks of
suicide, but they seem to end up in the hands of adolescents anyhow.

The best way to treating depression is to avoid these antidepressants
and stick with natural remedies. There is an abundance of different
natural treatments like meditation and acupuncture, even changes in
diet as well as regular exercise that will make a significant difference.
There are a number of different herbal remedies as well, from supplements
that you can eat and drink, or even add to your food. Sometimes it’s as
simple as just getting out of the house and taking a walk around your
neighborhood, or you can ride a bicycle, all these ideas will be helpful
in improving your condition. You do not need those expensive and
harmful drugs. You can find so many natural, cheap, and even free
ways to alleviate your symptoms to give yourself a better life.

Many people who suffer from depression have a hard time dealing with the
stresses of every day life. Did you know that drinking caffeinated drinks
and alcoholic beverages can actually worsen your symptoms? Just by cutting
down your intake of these can greatly reduce your overall stress levels.
Did you know that ANY kind of exercise will release endorphins, a natural
feel-good chemical in the brain that keeps you feeling better throughout
the day? Did you know that Chamomile Tea has been used for thousands of
years to reduce stress and can put you in a relaxed and comforting
state of mind? You will find that all of these ideas will help with your
depression and anxiety.

You do not need antidepressants to help relieve depression. You can find
an abundance of information on the internet about natural remedies that do
work and will provide plenty of relief. There are websites that can teach
you meditation and deep breathing exercises, and these are totally free.
There is also an abundance of self-help healing methods, from self hypnosis,
to just taking control of your own condition, and some of these are as
inexpensive as buying a CD. Natural cures for depression is and always was
your best option.

A Therapeutic Message

When dealing with Depression, therapy can be one of your most powerful tools. I know, nobody wants to ask for help, but
before you jump on that band wagon you will need to consider something. I would call a friend or a professional therapist
long before I call the pharmacist and ask for a prescription of antidepressants. The side-effects just aren’t worth it. If
you give into your fears and make an appointment with a therapist, I think you will be glad you did.

A therapist can help you see things in a different light and put a twist on things to reveal issues that you probably
were not aware of. Now if you have an anxiety disorder, Cognital Behavioral Therapy will be the way to go. There your
therapist will help you break down 3 very simple steps.

First, the cognitive, which is the thinking and belief process. This is where they will listen to your goals, what is it
that you want, and show you how to build up and eventually be able to achieve them by changing the way you think about
things, to look at things a little differently.

Next is behavior, what we want and how we go for it. You will start to custom fit your new found realizations into your
real-life situations.

The final part is all about emotions. Learning to relax and de-stress is all you will need to start absorbing peace and
calmness within.

When you put these 3 factors all in place in a professional setting, you will be well on your way to health and happiness
in no time. Now it does not have to be the way I just described, that’s just one approach. The important thing to remember
is that by talking to someone you trust, you are making an important step in the right direction. You don’t have to talk
to a therapist either, talk to someone that you look up to, a parent, your boss, a mentor or even your best friends mom.
Look around you, there are always plenty of people in your life that can be there for you. The first step is in being
there for yourself.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Mother Nature Fights Depression

You can fight depression without antidepressants.d There are many
different ways to do this, and some combine several things all in
one. We have talked about foods and diet that can help, also getting
enough rest at night and herbal remedies as well as an assortment of
others. One of the things that’s worth discussing is how Mother
Nature herself can help you alleviate this debilitating disease.
Now that doesn’t mean you have to turn Pagan, or get into Witch
Craft or any of that.

Many people with depression have a tendency to lock themselves up
in their homes, and this has many adverse effects. No matter how
depressed you may feel, just getting outside can go a lot further
than taking antidepressants. Some people who suffer from depression
have symptoms that occur in the Winter, when there isn’t a lot of
sun. The sun’s rays not only cheer people up, but also give our
bodies much needed vitamin D, which is important to build healthy
bones, as well as helps our minds function clearer. Getting out of
the house on a crisp clear day, can help. You don’t have to be out
for very long, just fifteen minutes can do a lot.

During the warmer months it is important to get outside as much as
possible, even if you don’t want too. Go to the park, watch kids
playing on the playground equipment, ride a bicycle. If you have a
vehicle, then take a drive in the country, see Mother Nature at
her finest. During Autumn, the forests are alive with different
colors, and you can see many different kinds of wildlife in their
attempts to gather food for the winter months. In the spring, it
is alive with the sounds of birds chirping. Go some place quiet,
sit on a bench or even on the ground with your back up against a
tree, close your eyes and let yourself go.

Walking or riding a bike outside will help you with your depression
without taking antidepressants in many ways. First it is excising,
and gets your blood pumping,it will release endorphins that make you
feel better, and help you lose weight as well as keep in shape.
Go to a local ball game, or an outdoor pool, anything that will
get you out of the house. There are many groups that go out on
nature hikes, and some of these are free. You can bring a lunch
with you, and it gives you a chance to meet people, and who knows,
maybe you can find someone who you can relate with.

Bird and wildlife watching is free, fun to do, and can sometimes
be very exciting, all things that can help you with your depression,
without antidepressants. Buy some nature books, there are so many
different kinds, and go out with a pencil and a note pad regularly
and see which animals and birds you can spot. There are cheap
binoculars you can buy, take these with you. Now you have to
remember, you may not find relief right away, and just like
anything else that is natural, it may take some time. Just do it,
and make a routine of it.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Know Your Antidepressants

We all know that depression comes with a price, its unfortunate, but a reality. What you might not know, even more
unfortunate, is that antidepressants comes at an even higher price. This is your health and Big Pharma wants a piece of it,
at any cost. They partnered up with your doctor to make sure they are getting exactly what they want, your money. I say not
so fast, first we need to play a little game I call “Know Your Antidepressants”.

There are so many types of antidepressants. First of all, some of the most popular are Selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors, known as SSRI’s. These go by such names as Lexapro, Cipralex, Prozac, Celexa, Luvox, Paxil, and Zoloft. They can
interact with transcription factors known as “clock genes” which in turn may lead to drug addiction and possibly play a role
in obesity.

We also have another group of antidepressants known as Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SNRI’s. These are found
by the names of Effexor, Cymbalta, Ixel, and Pristiq. You must be careful with this group when you decide to discontinue use.
You must taper yourself off slowly as to avoid going into withdrawal syndrome.

There is also two other groups known as NaSSA’s and NRI’s which carry a line of drugs with names such as Remeron, Avanza,
Zispin, Tolvon, Vivalin, Mazanor, Sanorex, Edronax, and Strattera. Then we have a couple of other groups NDRI’s,
norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors and SSRE’s, which is Selective serotonin reuptake enhancers. These groups carry
names such as Wellbutrin, Zyban, Valdoxan, Melitor, Thymanax, Tatinol, Stablon, and Coaxil. Holy cow, that’s a lot of names,
breathe in breathe out. Which is which? That’s a good question. Why are there so many? Who thinks up all these names anyhow?
There’s more, I didn’t even mention TCA’s, Tricyclic antidepressants, and there are at least a dozen of those.

This is quite a list, every drug listed here is a cash cow for Big Pharma and keeps the money flowing through their never
ending pipeline of profits. Yes, profits….that’s why there are so many! Just in case you’re a little confused or should I
say depressed on which one of these drugs you think you should be taking, don’t worry your doctor will pick a special pill
out just for you.

So far, all I did was name names, I havn’t even mentioned their “side effects” yet. I’ll be brief, there are many like, nausea,
vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, agitation, and sexual problems such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, unable to orgasm,
also, dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, skin rashes, did I mention sexual problems, weight gain, weight loss,
tremors and even suicide. Those are just some of the most common. In rare cases you can suffer with heart attacks, stroke,
seizures and hepatitis. Wow….this really is depressing!

Since 2005, the most prescribed drug in the United States is antidepressants. This caused a unique debate leaving some to wonder
if this was a positive move towards finally getting that much needed help or was this just a clear sign that we are worse off
than before and have now become too dependent on antidepressants. Do yourself a favor, before you do anything, go with natural
remedies first. Why…because now you “Know Your Antidepressants”.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Dealing With The Effects Of Depression

In its simplest form, the term depression is used to describe a condition where a person is depressed more than usual. Being depressed for short periods
due to a funeral, or losing a job is completely normal and human. However being depressed for longer than normal periods is a problem that many people
suffer from. There are many different views and treatments available ranging from natural methods, to antidepressants.

When a person loses a loved one or something bad happens they usually go into a period of mourning. This is a natural way of dealing with things and
normally lasts between 1 day to 1 week depending on the problem. Most people can cope with the problem in this time and not suffer from depression.
For those who can’t, there is usually an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Many people that are depressed often seek medications such as antidepressants to “immediately” handle the problem. These can have severe side effects,
which in the worst-case scenario can lead to other health problems. Seeking medical treatment is always the first thought but there are natural methods
as well. These are important to consider and in many cases can be much better than medication.

The thing to remember about depression is that it’s a mental issue. Unless a person has other mental problems or physical damage to their brain then it can
be resolved without medication. Antidepressants don’t actually fix anything; they just put a band-aid over the wound and give you the illusion of having
the problem solved. If you want to take care of the problem naturally then you need to take a good long look at your life and what’s bothering you.

This is why many people prefer the medicated route. Facing your inner demons and problems when suffering from depression is just something most people
are not willing to do. However running from your problems doesn’t fix anything. Let’s say you‘re depressed because something’s wrong at home, or you’ve lost
your job. Antidepressants aren’t going to find you employment, or fix your home.

In order to handle this depression you need to find a way to resolve the issue at home, and find work. After doing this in most cases your mental outlook
will return to normal. Being depressed isn’t so much an affliction as it is an internal warning. This is a sign that something is wrong and you need to
address it.

It can be caused by physical problems, or by complex social and mental issues. Medication can’t fix the feeling of loneliness, or wondering if there’s
anything for you in this world other than your current surroundings. The modern world and especially western cultures like the United States, have developed
a disturbing habit. This habit is medicating yourself in order to feel good and not owning up to, and finding a solution to your problems.

If you suffer from depression, do not turn to antidepressants immediately. Take a look at your life, identify what’s causing these feelings, and then
resolve the situation. It’s important to never give into these feelings and pound them into submission. Only after getting a handle on yourself and being
responsible for your problems will you begin to be healthy again.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Depressing Thoughts Only Sound Depressing

Picture this…. Its a beautiful day and you’re still in bed. You’re cozy and comfortable, and you say to yourself, “I should get up, maybe a couple more
minutes, then I’ll get up”. You look over at your alarm clock and now you realize that most of the day is gone, its not morning, but its late in the
afternoon and you really have no desire to get out of bed at all. Right there in that moment, you have no cares and no worries, but if you put those
feet on the floor, the misery begins, so you decide to stay in bed. Now, hopefully, this does not seem familiar to you. Unfortunately, there are millions
of people around the world who start everyday exactly like this. If you are one of these people, you need to change your life and you need to start now.

Changes should start off small, it doesn’t matter how small, because even small changes will make a huge difference. The small changes snowball into
something larger that you didn’t even realize was possible.

Here’s an example, let’s say you are a overweight and of course this is one of the reasons that you are depressed. Now you know, because everyone knows,
that if you ate less and you exercised, you would lose weight. OK. You’ve tried to eat less and its never helped, you tried a number of diets and that
didn’t help either, you won’t go to the gym because you’re depressed and overweight. Those people will just make fun of you, besides you don’t have the
time, you don’t have the money and you don’t know how to use all that crazy equiptment anyway, so why bother. That’s a tough cycle to break, but maybe
its not as tough as you think.

Again, let’s start small. Find one small and easy exercise that you can do at home, one that requires no help or training, something that you can do by
yourself for just a few minutes each day (ten minutes or less is fine). Find something that’s simple and that you are comfortable with. It can be
jumping jacks, or it can be running in place or up and down a short flight of stairs. Anything like that. My favorite is a stationary bicycle. You
get the idea. keep it simple, do what you’re comfortable with, start out small, be consistent and slowly let your progress build upon itself. I find
starting out at 5 minutes every other day is a great start, then slowly increase your 5 minutes up to 10 and then 15. Then you can group your days
together, try two or three days in a row and then one day of rest in between. Keep it simple and be consistent, you won’t need to exercise more than
15 minutes, as time goes on try to push yourself to make the most of your minutes. Concentrate on your breathing as you go through your exercise.
Breathing heavy for a few minutes at the end of your exercise is a good thing.

Now, here comes the good part, the snowball effect, that you didn’t even see coming. The best thing about regular exercise is what it does to your
eating habits. With out even realizing it, you’ll start to be alot more conscious about what you eat and how much you’re eating. You will start to
notice that you are feeling better, you’re looking better, you’re eating better and it all started with a small commitment of exercise. Now, it gets
even better, if you continue to ramp up your exercising habits and slowly get more aggressive  with it, you will find that you can eat almost anything
and still look great without gaining any weight. You will have turned your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Now picture this…. You’re out of bed and its a beautiful day, even better than you thought. Depression doesn’t have to be your way of life and your
bottle of antidepressants doesn’t have to be your breakfast. Now make the change, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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Taking Your Depression by the Horns

Have you ever wondered why so many people seem depressed, there are many, many reasons, too many to go into. However,
there is a reason why depression is considered a part of mental health. Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body
and it can send you on the wildest rides imaginable. These rides will take you on a journey of uncertainty and take away
your abilities to live a normal life. It does not have to be like that.

You can go to your doctor and let him and big pharma take you on their own ride of uncertainty and side effects. To me,
that would be an absolute last resort, maybe not an option at all. I’ve read about some of those “possible side effects”
and those are possibles I can’t live with, not by a long shot.

It’s time you start taking depression by the horns, and what I mean by that is a very simple approach. Your brain is so
powerful, you can do anything. You start by putting your mind and your time on the same side working side by side together.
Every action can have a powerful re-action. Right now the action is depression and the re-action is to overcome the
depressed state of mind.

Many things can bring on depression, such as the death of someone close to you or divorce or the stress of losing a job or
even a health issue that prevents you from doing your job. Maybe your child or grandchild just got sent overseas to protect
their country. These are all tough issues. It might be easier to focus on the re-action, overcoming the depressed state of
, rather than the action, where the depression originated from.

Learning how to deal with depression is alot easier than trying to reverse some of the problems that may have caused it.
Most of these problems are most likely out of your control anyway, so why stress over them. Sometimes it’s as simple as
a personal “time-out” to clear your head for a few minutes, to re-gain your composure and help cope with that part of your
day. A little quiet time can make all the difference. I know what you’re saying, if it was that easy, nobody would be
depressed. I wish it was that simple. Sometimes all it takes is reading a book, watching TV, or having a hobby to take your
mind off your troubles. This is a short term fix, but that might open the door to really focus on the problem at hand.

There are so many ways to make a difference in your life. Living depressed is not an option. You can make a difference just
by watching the foods you eat. You can also make an impact on your lifestyle by implementing a little exercise, I’m not
talking anything drastic, go walking outside or on a treadmill, or just by riding a stationary bicycle can change your
outcome, little by little, day by day. Start out small. You and your mind are a powerful team.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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