Beat Depression Naturally

Mother Nature Fights Depression

You can fight depression without antidepressants.d There are many
different ways to do this, and some combine several things all in
one. We have talked about foods and diet that can help, also getting
enough rest at night and herbal remedies as well as an assortment of
others. One of the things that’s worth discussing is how Mother
Nature herself can help you alleviate this debilitating disease.
Now that doesn’t mean you have to turn Pagan, or get into Witch
Craft or any of that.

Many people with depression have a tendency to lock themselves up
in their homes, and this has many adverse effects. No matter how
depressed you may feel, just getting outside can go a lot further
than taking antidepressants. Some people who suffer from depression
have symptoms that occur in the Winter, when there isn’t a lot of
sun. The sun’s rays not only cheer people up, but also give our
bodies much needed vitamin D, which is important to build healthy
bones, as well as helps our minds function clearer. Getting out of
the house on a crisp clear day, can help. You don’t have to be out
for very long, just fifteen minutes can do a lot.

During the warmer months it is important to get outside as much as
possible, even if you don’t want too. Go to the park, watch kids
playing on the playground equipment, ride a bicycle. If you have a
vehicle, then take a drive in the country, see Mother Nature at
her finest. During Autumn, the forests are alive with different
colors, and you can see many different kinds of wildlife in their
attempts to gather food for the winter months. In the spring, it
is alive with the sounds of birds chirping. Go some place quiet,
sit on a bench or even on the ground with your back up against a
tree, close your eyes and let yourself go.

Walking or riding a bike outside will help you with your depression
without taking antidepressants in many ways. First it is excising,
and gets your blood pumping,it will release endorphins that make you
feel better, and help you lose weight as well as keep in shape.
Go to a local ball game, or an outdoor pool, anything that will
get you out of the house. There are many groups that go out on
nature hikes, and some of these are free. You can bring a lunch
with you, and it gives you a chance to meet people, and who knows,
maybe you can find someone who you can relate with.

Bird and wildlife watching is free, fun to do, and can sometimes
be very exciting, all things that can help you with your depression,
without antidepressants. Buy some nature books, there are so many
different kinds, and go out with a pencil and a note pad regularly
and see which animals and birds you can spot. There are cheap
binoculars you can buy, take these with you. Now you have to
remember, you may not find relief right away, and just like
anything else that is natural, it may take some time. Just do it,
and make a routine of it.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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