Beat Depression Naturally

Depressing Thoughts Only Sound Depressing

Picture this…. Its a beautiful day and you’re still in bed. You’re cozy and comfortable, and you say to yourself, “I should get up, maybe a couple more
minutes, then I’ll get up”. You look over at your alarm clock and now you realize that most of the day is gone, its not morning, but its late in the
afternoon and you really have no desire to get out of bed at all. Right there in that moment, you have no cares and no worries, but if you put those
feet on the floor, the misery begins, so you decide to stay in bed. Now, hopefully, this does not seem familiar to you. Unfortunately, there are millions
of people around the world who start everyday exactly like this. If you are one of these people, you need to change your life and you need to start now.

Changes should start off small, it doesn’t matter how small, because even small changes will make a huge difference. The small changes snowball into
something larger that you didn’t even realize was possible.

Here’s an example, let’s say you are a overweight and of course this is one of the reasons that you are depressed. Now you know, because everyone knows,
that if you ate less and you exercised, you would lose weight. OK. You’ve tried to eat less and its never helped, you tried a number of diets and that
didn’t help either, you won’t go to the gym because you’re depressed and overweight. Those people will just make fun of you, besides you don’t have the
time, you don’t have the money and you don’t know how to use all that crazy equiptment anyway, so why bother. That’s a tough cycle to break, but maybe
its not as tough as you think.

Again, let’s start small. Find one small and easy exercise that you can do at home, one that requires no help or training, something that you can do by
yourself for just a few minutes each day (ten minutes or less is fine). Find something that’s simple and that you are comfortable with. It can be
jumping jacks, or it can be running in place or up and down a short flight of stairs. Anything like that. My favorite is a stationary bicycle. You
get the idea. keep it simple, do what you’re comfortable with, start out small, be consistent and slowly let your progress build upon itself. I find
starting out at 5 minutes every other day is a great start, then slowly increase your 5 minutes up to 10 and then 15. Then you can group your days
together, try two or three days in a row and then one day of rest in between. Keep it simple and be consistent, you won’t need to exercise more than
15 minutes, as time goes on try to push yourself to make the most of your minutes. Concentrate on your breathing as you go through your exercise.
Breathing heavy for a few minutes at the end of your exercise is a good thing.

Now, here comes the good part, the snowball effect, that you didn’t even see coming. The best thing about regular exercise is what it does to your
eating habits. With out even realizing it, you’ll start to be alot more conscious about what you eat and how much you’re eating. You will start to
notice that you are feeling better, you’re looking better, you’re eating better and it all started with a small commitment of exercise. Now, it gets
even better, if you continue to ramp up your exercising habits and slowly get more aggressive  with it, you will find that you can eat almost anything
and still look great without gaining any weight. You will have turned your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Now picture this…. You’re out of bed and its a beautiful day, even better than you thought. Depression doesn’t have to be your way of life and your
bottle of antidepressants doesn’t have to be your breakfast. Now make the change, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again for trusting us here at The Depressing Truth.

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  • I really like your website. I am a full time therapist and see many who are anxious and depressed. I believe in exercise and do it regularly to maintain good mental health. (It works most of the time–life has its ups and downs, right).

    I try to encourage my clients to begin small like you suggested and work up to a doable amount of exercise. The tendency for all of us, I think, is to start too ambitiously and we end up failing, instead of taking those “baby steps” to a gradual success.

    I am going to recommend your website to my clients. Thank you for sharing yourself to help others. Margaret Harrison

  • Thank you Margaret, I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement. Please come back for more.